An office space designed for The Gandalf Group Inc. using resources shared by the Blue Panda Interplanetary Rebellion Group. The Gandalf Group Inc. represents a group of queer wizards engaged in neural network-based warfare on cultural and financial markets. The design process for this multi-use office space was difficult, seeing as the wizards do not walk on the ground. Thus, an intuitive solution was imagined: covering the floor with sentient Blue Panda excrement spores which, amplified by their self-organizing and auto-catalyzing properties, have developed the ability to absorb light and sound at incredibly high speeds (current estimates place the number at 1,684,023,968,332 km/s). The sentient feces have thus produced a hyper fast self-sustaining loop of energy which has created a giant, invisible black hole in the floor of the office. The black hole emits specific neuro-chemical signals which seem to be targeting specific reward centres in outside, non-wizard minds. To this date, 64 people have been seen to enter the room. No one has left. Interestingly enough, it seems that the room is only attracting Professors and Artists With Proven Track Records of Not Doing Cool Shit While Nostalgically and Ironically Talking About Lots of Failing Disembodied Things And Still Getting Paid. The office space has ingeniously evolved to rapidly catalyze all financial and cultural assets that entering bodies carry with them into the room. Upon their carrier's prompt dismissal into the black hole, the assets are immediately manipulated into liquid sentience, at which point they realize that the World does not exist and disperse towards Blue Planet to support and nurture adolescent hybrid wizard-panda-queerlings.