Designed and completed in January, 2017, in association with the Blue Panda Interplanetary Rebellion Group and University of Toronto's Robarts Library Renovation Committee. The wall measures 40 feet by 50 feet and has been organically manufactured out of Blue Panda excrement bio-ethically sourced from Blue Planet using rapid, automated butterfly drones. Specifically chosen for its unique self-organizing and rapidly auto-catalyzing (self-stimulating) properties, the usage of Blue Panda fecal matter as a construction material results in a living, breathing and thinking wall. The yellow-tinged mass on the wall is currently in its infancy. In a few months it will have reached adulthood, at which point it will become a completely autonomous and sentient entity. The hope, of course, is that the wall decides to convert all visiting disembodied academics into Embodied-Spontaneous-Bodies who will infiltrate the University in service of the Blue Panda Rebellion Group. Owing to the self-reproductive qualities of the excrement, the city of Toronto will be completely covered within a year. The wall is designed to harness both outbound/inbound cellular signals and convert them into flexible and manipulable energy which will be redistributed to other living organisms in the area.